Who Lives In An Assisted Living Facility?

Good candidates are those who desire the array of supported services and social interaction to prolong their independence.

Many factors may play a role in deciding if and when an ALF is right for you and your loved ones, such as:

– Difficulty performing daily tasks and no one to help

– Help needed to prepare meals, bathing, dressing, supervising medications

– Assistance with housekeeping chores and/or laundry

– Requires health care assistance or monitoring

– Needs transportation to doctors, shopping, and personal business

– Frequently confused or experiencing memory problems

Can I Afford This Service?

Assisted Living is affordable.

It is the best option when a senior needs in-home care, and personal assistance to meet their daily needs.
The average cost for the elderly is less than the monthly expenses necessary to maintain a home and employ a caretaker to assist in those difficult areas.